Whiteleaf-Activated carbon for Car

Rs. 350.00
Model : WLCRNBSQ01 Category: ENVIRO CARE


  • Whiteleaf- made out of activated carbon
  • Mainly absorbs the toxic fumes, due to emission from synthetic inside and outer air
  • In addition, removes odor of cigarette smoke,pet, food spills, sweat and damp
  • And works for 4 months

Uniqueness of whiteleaf:

  • Unique due to proprietary process
  • Resources are of natural and renewable
  • Because, packed with compressed wooden particle board
  • Lastly covered in virgin craft paper board

Benefits of whiteleaf:

  • Keep your car, free from odor
  • Get rid of head ache, allergy and dis comfort
  • Works 24 x 7, no need for power
  • Elegant design, suits the car interior
  • No harm for pets and human
  • Costs less, works for 4 months
  • Wont let odor to mix with scent, so suits scent user too
  • Safe and comfort for driving

Additional information

Weight 0.150 kg
Dimensions 14 × 10 × 9 cm

Tags: activated carbon, Car air purifier, moisture remover, odor remover, toxic remover, whiteleaf