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Natural Car Odor Remover

It’s is a natural car odor remover, made with 100% natural coconut shell based, Micropore activated carbon.

It is 100% asthma, allergy, headache, hydrocarbon and odor free.

100% Natural, Economic and Eco-Friendly

No fragrance ; Works passively

It adsorbs and eliminates odor instead of just masking it.

It is fragrance & allergen-free, and it is all-natural and non-toxic.

It works 24/7 passively and lasts for 180 days.

Whiteleaf Natural Absorbent

It is a cost effective, 100% organic, Natural, Eco- friendly and renewable Product.

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Whiteleaf Natural Absorbent 0

Chemical Absorbent

75% chemical combination which is harmful for health


Whiteleaf Natural Absorbent

100% organic, keeps the car fresh and protects your loved ones from bacteria and other germs.

White leaf is a cost effective

  • Most common car air fresheners, in addition to being ineffective, don’t last more than 45 days. It’s a costly affair to constantly purchase refills.
  • It works 24/7 passively, and lasts more than 180 It’s one of the world’s longest lasting car air freshener.

Why Whiteleaf?

  • Just imagine the sense of Artificial lavender scent + dog musk + takeout+ cigarette smoke+,.. It is unimaginable conditions, which you were tolerating and to extent got seasoned to it. And, If you are travelling distance, your conditions will be horrible.
  • And imagine the freshness and zeal you enjoy, when you pull over the car and get outside on seeing the lush green. You will be thinking of the change like this inside your car.
  • Change is here, feel the nature. Having whiteleaf inside your car will remove above odors and always keep’s your car free odor of pets, fuel vapour, cigarette and moisture.

Whiteleaf is 100% organic, Natural, Eco- friendly and renewable.

  • Creating a sustainable and responsible product was something that we wanted to do from the beginning.
  • Coconut shell is one of the most renewable natural resources in the world, as it can be collected as much as possible with lowest carbon foot print of 6 months than, any of the natural resources.
  • Compressed wooden board used to make the outer layer of Whiteleaf, has a much lower environmental impact , as it is completely produced from renewable resource, saw dust and wood particles.
  • After a 180 days you can cut open the Whiteleaf box and dump the activated carbon into your yard or plant pot. It will serve as a rich and natural fertilizer and insecticide for your lawn, garden, or flowers.

Whiteleaf adsorbs and eliminates the odor, rather than masking it.

  • The Micropore activated carbon used in Whiteleaf has suitable pores, a best fit to adsorb all odor molecules. As air passes through the pores, odor particles are trapped on the surfaces inside, which purifies the air in your car. The pores and cavities work together to act like a big sponge.
  • Have peace of mind knowing your family’s health is protected.
  • Have peace of mind knowing you won’t ever offend your passengers with overpowering scents or fresheners that trigger their asthma or allergies.

Whiteleaf is all-natural and non-toxic. It’s fragrance- and allergen- free. It’s also 100% asthma and allergy friendly.

  • You never have to worry about the kids or the pets getting too close to Whiteleaf, because activated carbon is safe even if ingested.
  • Still, people in many countries take activated carbon tablets as a natural alternative to break poison on intake.
  • Whiteleaf helps to get rid of air contaminants (These contaminants causes immuno toxicity, neurotoxicity, cancer, developmental/ reproductive toxicity, and allergies) created by your fragrance air fresheners.

It’s 100% eco-friendly, it keep your family safe from bacteria and other chemical reactions.