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Air freshener for room – Activated carbon

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Is Air freshener, needed?

  • Yes, Air freshener is important for home nowadays
  • Because, pollutants inside home is more than outside
  • WHO warns, it is one of main cause of new age ailments
  • Conventional air fresheners with fragrances is not helpful
  • Other options are complex and costlier
  • Whiteleaf have option of affordability and efficiency


  • Made out of activated carbon
  • Simple air freshener for enclosed spaces
  • Absorbs the odor of cigarette smoke, food spills, sweat and dampness.
  • In addition, it absorbs emissions of paints, mats, furniture and flooring.
  • Covers 150 sq.ft area
  • Moreover, works for 6 months


  • Unique, due to proprietary process content
  • Good design, blends along with your interior
  • Resources used for this room freshener is natural and renewable
  • Because, packed with jute and cotton blended fabric
  • Lastly covered in virgin craft paper board
  • Recommended for enclosed cabins, windows sealed air conditioned rooms


  • Keep your room free from odor
  • Gets rid of emissions causing allergy and headache
  • Works 24 x 7, no need for power
  • No harm for pets and human
  • Costs less, effective for 6 months, should try it.
  • Above all, safe and comfort for users
Reviews (2)

2 reviews for Air freshener for room – Activated carbon

  1. priya rangan

    this product is use full we people don’t know what the products are arising in the market and the uses are dis advantage of the product might this product could help to refresh the air and clear those odor we should be aware of using the product should analyze it this product is good and healthy i asure this is 100% use full

    • admin

      Hi, thanks for your appreciation and recommendation

  2. Prem ananth

    I am using this product for my car last 2years,its working perfectly. Last 2years I never smell unwanted milk and plastic smells .i am using 20 to 50 litre milk transportation everyday in my car for my ice cream business.dont buy ARTIFICIAL FLAVOURED CHEMICALS.

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